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The current directorship and management behind Talhado Fishing Enterprises (Pty) LTD.



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Marketing & Operations





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Patrick Mbiko
CRAIG Stanley | CA (SA)

Mr Stanley has been involved in the fishing Industry since 1973, in his career over this period Mr Stanley held directorships of listed companies, worked in the USA fishing industry and was also chairman of national fishing associations. Mr Stanley is the C.E.O. of the Talhado group.

Mr Moodaley has 27 years’ experience in the fishing industry. Started his career in 1993 as a Director and Shareholder of Siyaloba (Pty) Ltd until 2003. In 2004 Mr Moodaley became executive Director and serves as Marketing and operations director for Talhado and its associated companies. Mr Moodaley was one of the pioneers in establishing the Siyaloba Training Academy in the year 2000, which training academy is responsible for training the majority of the fishers in the squid industry.

Mr Mbiko has 27 years experience in the fishing industry and 20 years’ experience in the clothing industry. Patrick Mbiko was involved in fishing when Siyaloba Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd was granted a hake quota in 1993. In 2004 he acquired shares in Talhado Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd. Mr. Mbiko is much involved in Employee Development in the company and oversees all Skills Development Programs for Talhado Group. 

Mr Stanley is the CEO and CIO of Investment Company Scofish (Pty) Ltd a diversified investment holding company (with interests in listed equity, commercial property, technology companies, mezzanine lenders as well as fishing interests)  which was significantly capitalised in 2018 after Craig and his father Malcolm sold half of the shares in the Stanley family fishing business Talhado Fishing Enterprises (Pty)Ltd (“Talhado”) to a listed South African fishing company. Both Craig and Malcolm

remain directors of Talhado.

General Manager

Financial Manager

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Maintenance Manager


Operations Manager

Robert Mentzel
Paul Williamson
Mike Bogusch

Mr Botha started with Talhado Employed 2004. His responsibilities include, ensuring that policies and goals of the board are carried out, operational policies and procedures are adhered to, establish strategies with board on the future direction of company, and ensure that all steps are followed regarding acquisitions and disposals of businesses. Forecasting, feasibility studies, costing and cash flow requirements (forecasts) are met to fund acquisitions and operations. Prepare (DAFF) Long Term rights applications.

Mr Williamson started with Talhado in September 2003 after leaving Namibia, where he worked in the fishing industry. Paul is responsible for the full financial function of the group. Included in his responsibilities is looking after foreign exchange transactions, cash flow and budgets, systems and internal controls, monthly management account reporting and preparation for year- end audit files and financial statements. Paul has a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree.

Mr Bogusch stared his career with Talhado in 1988. He started as a Motorman on the fishing vessels and then moved over to the maintenance department where he was responsible for the maintenance and servicing of all our vessels. He soon progressed to Maintenance Manager, a position he still holds today. Mike has an extensive and intricate technical knowledge of all the Vessels and can be called on day and night in event of any emergency or problem. Mike continues to ensure that our vessels are well maintained, and it is for this reason that Talhado’s vessels are considered the pride of the squid industry.

Mr Mentzel started off his fishing career with Talhado as an ordinary fisherman in the early 2000’s. He soon progressed to be a Mate and a Skipper on one of Talhado’s vessels. In 2010 he got off the sea and took over as Talhado’s Operations Manager. Robert has been instrumental in securing and looking after our Skippers and crew as well as insuring that our vessels are kept at sea. Robert also enjoys a good relationship with all regulatory bodies pertaining to the fishing industry including SAMSA.

the team
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