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Talhado Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd (TFE) is a fishing company, founded in 1988, producing squid with sea and land based freezing facilities. Operating from the East coast, situated in the Port Elizabeth harbour, the company processes and packages its product for sales to its local and export customers.

The Group obtains its supply from its 15 owned vessels and 4 independent supply vessels, which fish the area from East London to Cape Agulhas. The Group operate its vessels from rented quays situated in the harbour of Port Elizabeth. Each vessel completes approximately 8 to 10 trips per annum, varying between 18 and 21 sea days. Talhado has a proud tradition of having only the finest fishing vessels. We place special emphasis on safety to ensure the well-being of all our fishermen.


The peak catching period is December to February whereby 55-65% of the product is caught.

The company exports approximately 2000 tons of squid per annum, mainly to Southern Europe. Spain, Portugal and Italy, accounting for approximately 85% of the exports. The company uses agents whom market the product on the company’s behalf.

The Company’s strategy has always been to have one agent in each of these European countries which has resulted in forming strong family like relationships with our agents.

The Company enjoys brand loyalty from its customers. The brand is recognised as the “Product in the Yellow Box”


The Group rents an EU approved cold room and processing facilities in the Port Elizabeth harbour with a capacity of 800 tons. The product is processed and stored in these cold room facilities.

The group employees 393 persons of which 356 are commission earners.

A listed company Premier Fishing Company, purchased 50.3% of Talhado in May 2018 which increased the company’s black empowerment shareholding in excess of 50%











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